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February 22, 2009


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podiatry emr

From what I have read, e-prescribing will make easy work for the one who works fast and credible compare to paper works. It doesn't mean that it won't work for you if you only have one doctor. There are possibilities that situations will come.



Thanks Gary.
Did someone say that I couldn't type?

I got $30,000 from medicare for 2008 ,so doing this from my emr would cost me time as well as money

It would cost more time and less money using some other methods true.
Double entry seems to incur a higher likihood of mistakes . Therefore e prescribing does not seem to imply saftey for patients automatically While i am particularly attracted to the idea of looking cool ,gosh, I thought I WAS cool, with e faxing which is checked for interactions and doses and automatically has a log of the prescription kept by my emr plus with one click i can also see if the fax went through and was received

I guess i fail to see why e presrcibing- vs legible safety checked prescripions by fax or
"e" is part of the future except in so far as someone with power says I must do it
Thanks for talking to me.
I feel sad.

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