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February 22, 2009


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Faith Holmes

Boy did that strike a chord. I simplified my practice, only myself and one part time front office/billing person but am still having to waste so much time on doing things which feel like secretarial work to make up for inefficiencies/incompetence of specialists, pharmacies and systems.
Saw an 82 year old man for multiple complaints, including a last minute "oh I have a splinter", removed a 1.8 cm embedded splinter from his right hand. Four days later on a Saturday I get a call - he injured his hand - go to his home and bring him to the clinic, he caught his hand in his table saw - left fingers 2,3,4 with lacerations through extensor tendons over dorsal middle phalanx, 4th finger with bone fragments -- irrigated, put in digital block with lidocaine and marcaine (good thing because he had to wait 7 hours for surgery), dressing - called the hand surgeon who met us at the ER (yes took the patient to the ER in the closest city - we are in a rural town)....5 months later Medicare is still denying the visit for the hand because it falls within the global period for the procedure for removal of splinter in the right hand !!! --
Endless number of tales of frustration --

Chicago Podiatric Surgeons

if we could only live in the perfect world...

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