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April 16, 2009


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Pamela Wible

Awesome Megan!

Beverley Kane, MD

Dear Megan,

I found your blog via my Google Alert for "doctor-patient relationship." Good for you for speaking up! Many years ago I chaired a task force for the American Medical Informatics Association that created the Guidelines for the Clinical Use of Electronic Mail. It's been 10 years since publication, but the principles of respect, personal contact, and privacy still hold.

Currently I teach a course at Stanford called "Medicine and Horsemanship." We employ horses to teach bedside manner and other interpersonal skills for doctor-patient communication. (Also nurse-patient, etc.)

Please visit us at http://familymed.stanford.edu/predoctoral.html and

And keep speaking out for the principles that guided us when we went into medicine!

Beverley Kane, MD
Palo Alto, CA

Sue Todd

Well said. I also think physicians will rediscover more pleasure in their chosen profession because they are connecting and helping on an even deeper level. They will truly be facilitating the healing process if they use empathy. The sense of dissatisfaction a patient can feel when leaving the office can impact their health and their confidence in their physician. They are prisoners of health care because the limited amount of physicians available does not allow for shopping around for an empathetic physician.

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