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April 08, 2009


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John Brady

Great post Jean. Vaccines are wickedly expensive.
Last year, I spent more on vaccines than I did rent for my office or malpractice insurance--and I lost money. I offer vaccines because I feel it is my responsibility as an FP to try and immunize my population, but I remain incredibly frustrated that I am being forced to choose between the actual health of my patients and the financial health of my practice. It is not a fair decision to have to make and is another example why docs are avoiding primary care or joining with large groups to insulate themselves from these insanities.

Rocky Balboa Jr

I am listening, and I am angry it has come to this. Everyone is at fault, including us, the cognitive generalists. We need a new business model. We need leadership. People, including the indigent, spend hundreds on vaccines... for their pets. The guys at HelloHealth have an intriguing business model: low overhead and affordable cash for services. For less than their annual cell phone bill and cigarettes, much of the indigent can afford comprehensive primary care. Patients must have skin in the game in order to revitalize primary care.

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