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July 03, 2009


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It's a nice idea, but it may not work out like you hope it will.

Matt Levin, MD

Why Oregon and not your home state?

Matt, FP from Western PA (did residency here, grew up in Eastern PA)
Solo since 2004
Residency completed 1988
Lite practice, not ultra solo

A Davis, MD

I congratulate Dr Leigh for her idealism, and her courage. She seems well-informed enough to know the hurdles she faces, and they are many. But her ability to recognize the greatest threat to medicine today - insurance companies - at the start of her career is a huge plus.

Doctors who refuse insurance are increasing in number, and is the best thing to happen in medicine in 50 years. Patients' insurance is still in effect, but patients have to file the claim, after paying for the service. Is this inconvenient? You bet it is. But doctors can reduce their practice costs by up to 40%, which translates into longer appointment times and more comprehensive, better care.

It's unfortunate that the situation is as it is, but as long as insurers place such heavy administrative costs on the health care industry (in the name of reducing costs, incidentally!), having physicians refuse insurance is the best option.


and here it is http://idealmedicalpractices.typepad.com/ideal_medical_practices/2009/07/inspiring-residency-graduation-speech.html


When I read this I had a few reactions
Like oh come on are you kidding me?
She probably thinks we should hug patients too.
So i wrote my own post.

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