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September 17, 2009


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Did you ever pay for a meal in a restaurant? You show them your meal insurance card, and they tell you what entrees you can have, and what the exclusions are, and after the meal you pay them $10 and they apply to your meal insurance, which typically takes a month or two to pay. Sound familiar? No? That's not how your local restaurants do it? What! They get paid with a 1.5% overhead cost? That's impossible.

No, that's common sense. We could boost the net pay for primary care (by $68,000/yr) without spending another dime and improve care by requiring all insurances, including MCR & MCD, to pay for primary care services at the time of service with a debit card.

If the insurance wants to question what you did, they're welcome to ask the patient, or send someone to your office to check.

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