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December 12, 2009


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Natalie Hodge MD FAAP

P.S. Hi Gordon!! Great to chat with you Saturday!!

Natalie Hodge MD FAAP

Yep, we second that, our physician network Personal Medicine is up to a head count of seven physicians spread over five states, implementing direct house call practice. Some exciting changes coming to bring mobile physician practice in overhead reduction of 80% a reality! Moving to cash requires sharp business process automation, marketing, paperless environment with eprescriber and lab interfaces, of course ecommerce. Here is how it works... FAQ for Physicians http://bit.ly/4F0RwO

Natalie Hodge MD FAAP

Medical Director Personal Medicine

Ben W.

Actually Sandra, fee-for-service aka direct primary care is spreading pretty substantially.

The Direct Primary Care Coalition lists doctors in some 17 states: http://dpcare.org/practices, with the most interesting being the lower-cost mass-market examples available in Seattle, New York, &c.

Still not a huge number, I'll grant, but every one of these I've looked into is succeeding and expanding; not to mention the quality of life they enjoy. I suggest you look one of them up.

L Gordon Moore

We're luckier than that, there is a growing community of practices figuring out how to simultaneously deliver good care and thrive.

While all examples have flaws there are some institutional options that work pretty well for some docs and patients - Kaiser, Group Health, Geisinger can feel proud of what they accomplish in terms of patient care and healthy work force.

For those eschewing the institutional option there are successful independent practices both on- and off-grid (working within the constraints of insurance billing rules & regs).

I have to say that a dispiriting number of initiatives aimed at helping are merely exacerbating the problems with increased reporting requirements aimed at questionable or frankly tangential minutia, so we see this patchy environment of increasing pain and difficulty with spots of brilliance.

Sandra Barton MD

So I guess by "some physicians have figured out how to work outside this toxic environment", you mean ONE.

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