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February 23, 2010


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L Gordon Moore

The drag for those coming out of residency is that few have had the opportunity to see high functioning primary care in action. Most come out with strong ideas of what they would like to avoid (bearing witness to the systemic dysfunction). Many believe that they can come into an existing practice and change the culture.
Three to five years into their new careers, most will find themselves on the hamster wheel, trying to balance do the right thing for my patients with do what Im asked to do by practice/corporate/health system policy. Too many will start down the road to burnout trying to shore up the dysfunction through sheer effort.
As more find high functioning primary care options we hope that the trend in practice will shift more and more to rewarding careers in primary care - clinicians who feel that they are supported in delivering the best of what they have to offer to their patients.

W. Ryan Neuhofel

You are head of the IMP project, correct? I have spoke to many docs who have implemented your 'style' of care who've had great results. I hope my generation of physicians continues to challenge the status quo. Unfortunately, too many of my residency colleagues are complacent with their potential careers.

L Gordon Moore

Way to go Ryan!
Ping me when youre ready.

W. Ryan Neuhofel

amen! I will be right there with you after graduating residency next year. I am not waiting around for some bureaucrat or corporate big-wig to help me provide better, cheaper care to my patients.

dave gordon

sometimes the attempt to prove our worth to the mainstream and politcal realm seems hopefully but knowledege that I have provided excellent care to my small family of patients seems to be enough - hopefully in concert amongst us all we can generate the data that proves our model to the decision makers so in time everyone can benefit from what imps do

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