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February 27, 2010


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Gordon Moore

Here is the very nice reply from the NCQA:

Dear Dr. Moore,

Thank you for your thoughtful suggestions. We will most definitely consider the recommendations of the group as we talk with our Advisory Committee members and weigh other recommendations.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you or your group have additional comments.

Best regards,

Johann Chanin, RN, MSN
Product Development

Matt Levin, MD

See PCMH as currently designed an unacceptable administrative exercise that adds little to nothing to ongoing medical care in this country.

Linda Eckhardt, MD

Great letter! So important to let them know that bigger (questionnaire, group size) not always better.

Kevin Richter, MD

I support this movement and its goals.


Stongly agree on this effort to improve reporting of patient access.

Susan A Miller MD

Super letter. Right on target.

Liza Samson, M.D.

Agree with Open Letter to the NCQA regarding their PCMH measure set

Kelly Locke, MD

Agree with Open letter to the NCQA regarding their PCMH measure set. - Kelly Locke, MD

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