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May 27, 2010


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Jean Antonucci

No kidding.
I am also tired of seeing the basics of health care spun as if it were"new! Modern! Shining, push button easy to clean model !" when it is not an extra program butthe basic work to be done.
I would more cynically suggest we pair up the faculty , not the students with dying patietns, and ask how many long time publish or perish professors know who their patietns are?
I would ask why students have to remember the treasured professor who GETS this stuff when it should be every one of their professors?

I too am really sick of the word noncompliant and the bitter doctors who do not answer calls for 7 days but whine that the patients have cellphones-from which they GET something- but will not pay their copay to a system from which they get little.

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