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December 15, 2010


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L Gordon Moore

I received an email comment from a doc who wants to remain anonymous:

Excellent post today. Will follow with great interest. We are in a concerning environment locally, whereby our local 100 bed hospital now directly employs 140 MDs (with noncompetes), is “aggressively expanding” and is directed by a very aggressive business team (devoid of any MDs in upper management). They have achieved “ACO demonstration project” status and seem to be pursuing a “you need to be employed by us to play” stance it seems. I was at the IHI conference in Orlando and heard Dr. Weinstein (I think that is his name…Dartmouth Atlas Project) who suggested concern over “monopolies” driving up cost, and limiting the models available for physicians and patients. This is precisely what is happening in [name deleted], complete with nasty negotiations with Anthem, problematic relationships with those not employed (and some that are) , costs 150% more at our hospital than elsewhere in [our state].

The worry….is that an organization like this might become an ACO on their own. Hard to know what to believe these days.

Not a good situation.

Keep plugging away.

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